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Olanzapine is used for short-term treatment of agitation caused by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

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Generic medication for zyprexa to treat severe depressive episodes. Our patient has not been taking zyprexa for the past 24 weeks due to gastrointestinal problems that are exacerbated by the medication, with symptoms ranging from abdominal pain to loss of appetite and vomiting, to an agitated response. As a result, our patient has severe degree of depression. She has been taking a combination antidepressant for depression, with the intent of avoiding depressive symptoms. However, this combination therapy has not worked for her; she is still extremely depressed. In addition, we have also begun a study that we are funding in order to compare the risk of recurrence with zyprexa, trazodone, and placebo. This study will compare safety and efficacy for patients with major depressive disorder that have been taking three or more medications for depression in the past three months but have not responded to three or more treatments. If you have been taking three or more antidepressants for depression, we strongly encourage you to enroll in this study before having an MRI performed to evaluate for a heart murmur. Patients will be asked to self-report their symptoms before and after taking these different medications. Patients will not be asked about their clinical symptoms after taking zyprexa or trazodone. We have observed that such data changes the results of randomized clinical trials and increases the number of patients who are prescribed lower effective doses of these medications. What can I do if think that zyprexa has damaged my heart? Zyprexa is used by patients with major depressive disorder that do not respond to adequate treatment using other medications. In addition to depression, patients may have significant functional issues that interfere with their ability to lead normal lives, such as motor and cognitive impairment, difficulty with day-to-day social functioning, or a poor work performance. As result, patients often have long-standing clinical problems, which require frequent management by physicians and other medical providers. In particular, patients with a history of heart disease may be especially sensitive to the cardiovascular effects of Zyprexa (including a risk cerebrovascular accidents). Patients with a family history of heart conditions may also be more prone to side effects. Before beginning any prescription drug therapy, patients and their medical providers should discuss any known heart-related medical conditions. To avoid a potential impact from zyprexa on a patient's heart, patients should not continue to take the medication for more than two consecutive weeks and not take it for any duration before the physician has provided an overview about the treatment and benefits. Patients who take the medication should be very careful and follow recommendations about keeping heart disease risk measures in check through diet, physical activity, weight management, and prescription of antihypertensive medications or cholesterol-lowering medications. In addition, these patients should keep their alcohol consumption in check and refrain from drinking more than three alcoholic drinks a week. Since any medication, including Zyprexa, can have an impact on blood pressure, we do ask patients to keep blood pressure on a watchful watch before and during any prescribed dosage change. What are the potential risks when taking Zyprexa? The major risk associated with zyprexa is the risk of experiencing worsening symptoms.

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